Worse Than Sticks And Stones: Pay Attention To Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews have the power both to influence and deter buyer decisions. A study done by Foresee showed that 49% of shoppers online purchased a product/service based on an online review. Customer reviews can be useful in more than one way. Knight explains in this article, how companies can use customer reviews to compare themselves to competitors and also to cause conversations between current and potential buyers.

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How to Make More Effective Use of Social Media in Your Ecommerce Strategy

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Ecommerce is growing at an undeniable rate. In fact according to a recent report from comScore, consumers spent more than $9 billion during Cyber Week in 2014, which shows an increase of more than 14% during the same period the previous year. In response to this growth Relander points out, that companies must capitalize on ecommerce in order to stay ahead of the curve. One way to do this is the utilization of social media. Successful businesses not only have a presence on Facebook or Twitter, but have found ways to combine social media with other crucial marketing strategies.

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7 Steps to Deliver Better Customer Experiences

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Today customer experience may be the single most important factor in any businesses success and growth. Although many can see the importance of maximizing customer experience, Yohn points out that there is an incomplete definition of what customer experience is and what it entails. This article shows not only the mistakes companies make when trying to enhance a customers experience but also the 7 steps every business should take to better the experience of all customers they encounter.

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Building Customer Loyalty: Shake Shake Wizard Danny Meyer’s Expert Advice


Customers want recognition; they want to feel welcomed, appreciated and acknowledged. Doing these things not only will enhance customer experience but will create relationships that will build brand loyalty. In this post, Solomon, describes ways to make your customers feel at home and also want to come back.

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Think Only Marketing Owns Customer Experience? Think Again


Customer experience management (CEM) is no longer a task only for the marketing team. As Ryan Lunka points out in this article, retail customer experience management is about solving complex problems such as: meeting new customer demands and learning to execute an effective multichannel strategy. In this post he goes on to explain how CEM is so much more than marketing and involves multiple levels of the business.

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