10 Warning Signs of Customer Service Issues in Your Company

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This article written by Amanda Stillwagon, explains how recognizing and being aware of the warning signs of customer service can help companies be better prepared. Every company is going to face customer service issues of some kind, but there are signs that can help decision makers take action, and address issues before they become major concerns.

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Convenience, Meet Technology

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Technology is changing not only how consumers are making purchases, but also what they expect from the places where they do business. Consumers today expect transactions to be simple and fast. Donna Peeple says that it’s not only about having slick interfaces, top companies must also find ways to provide seamless integration of both in-store and online customer experiences. In order to accomplish this, companies must obtain a deep understanding of consumer needs and then combine that understanding with technology; to help meet these needs more efficiently.

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6 Reasons Social Media Is Your Secret Weapon in Customer Service

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Social media is a tool that companies can use not only to attract new customers but also to retain existing customers. Social media can help companies interact engage and provide customer service in real-time. It is crucial to maintain positive interaction and meet customer expectations, because a recent survey conducted by Customer That Sticks (a company focused on customer-service), revealed that 83% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company due to a poor experience. Dan Newman in this article explains how social media can be used to : engage customers, offer feedback in real-time, keep consumers up to date, stay relevant, and build trust.

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Apple Car: Please, Mr. Cook, Think Different

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Smartphones, Smart devices and technology are taking over the world. Companies everywhere are seeking ways to make a fortune on ad revenue, by building a business model that encompasses the mastery of the web, mobile technology, and “Internet of Things (IoT)” as John Abell puts it in this article. Technology is a key not only to diversification but also a way to enter new markets and address additional consumer needs/expectations. Should Apple enter the automobile market? Can Apple and other tech companies exploit the demand for technology and use it to infiltrate other industries?

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Are online reviews a ball and chain to your business?

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Review websites influence owners to focus on managing their reputation

Technology in many cases has changed the way people interact with each other and how consumers choose to voice their opinions, complaints and concerns. Dave Anderson, in this article describes, how today people typically wont complain to your face but will utilize social media; or tell the world through sites such as TripAdvisor. The fact is, because of the growing prominence of customer review websites; online reviews are too important to ignore. Businesses need to find ways to check customer feedback daily and respond to both positive and negative reviews. Successful Companies care about there reputation: proactively responding to any type of consumer review, complaint, concern or praise, is one of the quickest way to build a positive reputation.

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