8 Creative Ways to Rustle Up Online Reviews

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Online reviews are powerful and can be extremely influential. Consumers often trust online reviews more than traditional ads or direct marketing messages. Chris Campbell in this article, explains how online reviews provide a way to determine whether a local business is good or not, based on the opinions of those who’ve been there, done that. Campbell goes on to suggest ways to get online reviews started and how they can help strengthen a company’s online reputation, foster loyalty and attract new customers.

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How Beacons can help Malls offer Compelling Shopping Experiences

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Beacons are small Bluetooth, low energy appliances that are being used by malls, stadiums and events/trade-shows to create futuristic shopping and fan experiences; which appeals to the growing number of people that utilize mobile technology. Mobile technology significantly impacts purchasing decisions. In fact, a recent article in Business Insider, quoted Green Street Advisors (a real estate and REIT analytics firm) stating “15% of malls in the U.S. will fail to attract customers or will be converted into non-retail spaces within the next ten years”. Devika Girish describes how drawing in customers is becoming an uphill battle for most malls and then explains how beacons can be used to attract consumers.

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The Gap Between Auto Dealers and Social Media

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Although social media can spark interaction between consumers and businesses; business owners and decision makers must decide how to best utilize social marketing to achieve corporate goals.Social media and networking outlets create an online forum for businesses to engage customers, reinforcing their message as part of a comprehensive customer journey. Vindu Goel in this article, interviews Matt Howell (GM of Hyundai) and finds how sales comes down to one basic principle: Treat your customers well, and they will sing your praises to friends and family.Regardless of the marketing tool, or medium used to reach potential clients, the goal should be to create personal relationships.

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The Psychology of Instant Gratification and How It Will Revolutionize Your Marketing Approach

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Modern devices and the speed at which information is exchanged, have created the need for instant gratification amongst consumers. Today, your customers gain instant feedback from devices and social media, which gives them the ability to instantly update videos, photos and status updates. Neil Patel writes how it’s important to understand that when consumers don’t get fulfillment, their psychological response is often anxiety or tension. One of the obvious and easiest ways to satisfy instant gratification is to do so with messaging. It is important that all companies recognize how to utilize digital marking and deliver instant gratification in effective ways.

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Going Beyond Broadcast: Build Better Experiences For Connected Sports Fans

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More and more people utilize connected devices, streaming services and social media platforms while following the teams and games they love. Cole Sletten describes environments where fans enjoy unprecedented immediacy, access, and insight.Fans want the latest news, the ability to watch there team anywhere on multiple devices, and a thorough understanding of what is happening and why.The article goes on to describe a few things enhanced technology in sports can lead to: elevated in-person experience, well armed analysts, and the creation of new perspectives. Furthermore, how in-stadium customer service can be used to improve attendance.

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Chinese Restaurant Catches Yelper in Lie, Posts Video As Proof

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For small businesses and business owners a bad review can be extremely damaging. Recently a Chinese Restaurant named, wonderful (lower case w), fell victim to a negative Yelp review,that later was proven to be completely false. For many businesses, online reviews are vital and it is crucial to address negative experiences before they end up online.

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A tech millionaire explains how to hire the best people, based on an email exchange he had with Mark Zuckerberg

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In this post Lisa Eadicicco, shares what Chamath Palihapitiya and Mark Zuckerberg describe as the, “10 core values that make an employee worth hiring”. Check out the list see which traits you possess. As you read you will be able to see your strengths and weaknesses; uncovering areas where improvements can be made.

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6 Deadly Customer Service Blind Spots: How Many Do You Suffer From?

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For all companies, customer service is a battle that must be fought daily. This article sheds light on the areas that often get overlooked when customer service is concerned. Micah Solomon points to key customer service points that must be made priorities:
• Recognizing the most important customer service moments
• Reinforce customer excellence standards
• Put customer service recovery plans in place
• Align delivery timetables to match what the customer wants/expects
• Make effort to see the company the way consumers do

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Technology and Persuasion

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Persuasive technologies surround us, and they’re growing smarter. How do these technologies work? And why?

Everyday consumers send out billions of signals from the phones and tablets they use. Each signal can be collected and analyzed by companies to identify habits, tendencies and help understand how people make choices. In this post Nanette Byrnes explains how technology is opening doors for companies to take on the role of influencer. Companies are collecting data at rapid speeds and using this information to shape the habits of their users: exploiting the psychological underpinnings of how consumers make decisions. Byrnes goes on to describe how insights from psychological and behavioral economics can show how and why people make certain choices. These insights combined with digital technologies, social media, and smartphones, enable designers of websites, apps, and a wide variety of other products to create sophisticated persuasive technologies.

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3 Tips to Delivering Good, Old Fashioned Customer Service

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Here Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle explains how, although technology has changed customer service, the old-fashioned motives and intentions have remained the same. It is undeniable how technology has influenced how companies get the attention of potential buyers, how consumers make product decisions, and how they complete transactions; however, little has changed when it comes to how companies care about/for their customers. This article gives three tips to delivering high quality, “old fashioned”, customer service.

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