With Some Advertisers Out, New York Mets Try Tech to Attract New Sponsor Dollars

Xerox, Duane Reade and Caesar’s Are no Longer Sponsors of the Baseball Club

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In an attempt to raise revenue, the New York Mets have been seeking the help of many Tech Companies. In this article, Kate Kaye shares how Citi Field has adopted beacon technology to improve customer service. Citi Field partnered with Satisfi to provide next generation mobile customer service. Read the article to learn a little bit about us and the other tech companies the Mets are using to enhance their fan experience and raise revenue.

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Is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) driven by Care more than Sales or Marketing


When it comes to Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) customer care, sales and marketing all play key roles. However in this post Graham Clark, points to research that suggests a customers perception of Lifetime Value often is dependent on the ongoing customer care experience. It is important to realize that marketing (engaging the customer), and sales generating activities are critical to the experience of the customer but one bad customer care interaction can ruin it all. Clark writes, that companies should constantly seek ways to align strategies that focus on customer care just as much as marketing and sales.

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