5 Crucial customer touch points of in-store personalization

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Some of the fastest growing trends in retail today include in-store personalization and cross-channel one-to-one shopper engagement. These trends have caused retailers to invest in finding more ways to better understand their shoppers. Stores today are constantly looking for ways to provide customized messaging and content for each individual. Jarno Martin describes how successful personalization includes both physical and digital elements, involving both technology and people. Jarno goes on to write how successful personalization requires data collection throughout the entire customer journey, and the utilization of these touch points:
• Mobile Applications: Serve as user interfaces between customer and retailer
• Store Personnel: Salespeople that provide educated, relevant and timely guidance
• In-store marketing: Physical and digital signage to present promotions or information
• Loyalty programs
• Targeted marketing campaigns: Utilizing different channels according to in-store customer behavior

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