5 Questions You Need to Ask About Your Omnichannel Customer Experience

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According to Dimension Data, 74% of businesses are eager to differentiate themselves based on customer experience. In order to accomplish this companies must consider what kind of experiences their consumers desire. In this article Elias Parker talks about how, whether we admit it or not, today’s customer experience is all about omnichannel. Although omnichannel is a relatively straightforward concept, implementing it is decidedly less so, because an omnichannel experience is not just about having multiple channels. It’s about making sure those channels all work together. Parker says that customer service managers must ensure that service channels are connected, integrated, and consistent. Unfortunately, 80% of companies haven’t integrated their communication across channels, which means there is a massive disconnect between supply and demand for ominichannel experiences. Check out the rest of the article for the 5 questions, Parker says you must ask yourselves to ensure you are getting the most out of your customer service channels.

Read the full article at business2community.com.


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