Chinese Restaurant Catches Yelper in Lie, Posts Video As Proof

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For small businesses and business owners a bad review can be extremely damaging. Recently a Chinese Restaurant named, wonderful (lower case w), fell victim to a negative Yelp review,that later was proven to be completely false. For many businesses, online reviews are vital and it is crucial to address negative experiences before they end up online.

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2 thoughts on “Chinese Restaurant Catches Yelper in Lie, Posts Video As Proof

  1. Had same prob with my restaurant. I try to make my customers happy. But if one is not or if someone just say something even without being here ever we get bad review. Could be the restaurant down the block for all I know.

    • Thanks for the feedback, and we are sorry for the frustration. Regardless of the validity, negative reviews are a pain. When it comes to restaurants what we have found is one of the quickest ways to meet expectations go hand in hand with timeliness. Sift through these reviews and be intentional about ways to promote interaction with your customers, by doing this you will see if the gap(s) truly exist within your establishment or it is the “restaurant down the block”. Also we would suggest looking for ways to separate yourself from your local competitors with superior customer service and interaction, showing everyone that you are the superior brand…Good Luck!!!


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