Don’t just be consistent: Be relevant

dont be consistent be relevent

Otto Hektor says marketing teams must reach consumers across every channel, on all the devices they use, and wherever they are. Furthermore, marketers must make sure the messaging on every channel reflects the true core of the brand, and that each execution adheres to brand guidelines: in look, feel, and tone. The key according to Hektor, is delivering a relevant experience on each channel, and in each moment. Being truly relevant in omnichannel means, giving consumers the ability to choose whatever channels they want to interact with – through the places and devices they use – and delivering a convenient experience, that resonates with whatever is happening at that moment. Providing a seamless omnichannel experience, that is not predictable/boring to the consumer, means becoming comfortable with bringing different executions of the same idea to different touch points. Hektor suggests that companies:
• Reveal their personality: brands with true personality enrich consumers’ lives through experiences that are fresh, engaging, and in the moment.
• Make a scene: encourage consumers to download apps and use other devices to enhance interactions, giving customers a reason to explore the brand’s product/service offerings.
• Curate and connect: notice trends taking place in the industry, an example is: consumers are increasingly communicating through pictures, not words, utilizing likes and offerings such as “Like2buy”
• Deliver surprise: because the goal isn’t to deliver static, predictable experiences, the goal is to tap into the variety surprise, and wonder of everyday life.

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