Here Are the Customer Service Practices You Hate the Most

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Too often, customer service is indifferent, incompetent, or both.
Although recent statistics and surveys indicate that consumers are less likely to be irritated by customer service than they were in past years, many companies today are simply awful at resolving customer service problems, says Scott Broetzmann (President of Customer Care Measurement & Consulting). Broetzmann also says customers spend valuable time and invest considerable effort, yet get little in return. In this post Brad Tuttle lists the practices and behaviors that get customers most annoyed when it comes to customer service; his list includes:
• 75% of people say they’re “highly annoyed” when they can’t get a live person on the phone to help with their problem.
• 75% are highly frustrated by rude or condescending responses/employees.
• 74% of people have been disconnected when placing calls to customer service lines.
• 70% of people have been transferred to a different customer service agent – who also can’t help or is just plain wrong.
• 68% of people have found that companies do not make it easy to find customer service phone numbers, contacts, etc.
• Two-thirds of consumers have experienced long wait times, phone trees that require callers to press multiple buttons, and require the person to repeat personal information over and over again.

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