How the Internet of Things will transform customer interaction

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The meteoric rise of connected devices will transform every area of customers’ lives- so, how can we use their data to give them a better experience?

According to Cisco, in the last year alone, some 4 billion mobile devices have come online; Intel predicts that number can reach as high as 200 billion in less than five years. In this post Chloe Green talks about ways IoT will change customer interaction. A key value in advancing technology is, the offering of more enriching experiences and more personalized engagements. Green goes on to describe, how IoT strategies must have an understanding of what is, and what isn’t important: in terms of gaining information from the consumer. The digital world is converging with the physical world, and this emerging practice, known as the Internet of Things (IoT), represents the next era of customer analytics. Companies must utilize IoT as a platform for connecting people, objects, and environments to serve, inform, and enable: visibility, engagement, and innovation.

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