How to Increase Customer Engagement Just By Doing Customer Service Right

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Companies must recognize that whether they are selling a product or a service, they must utilize customer service to support their sales. Customer service offers opportunities to engage clients and meet expectations, therefore companies must strive to create greater engagement; utilizing the resources and tools they already have. Although decision makers are searching for and inventing new ways/tools for boosting customer engagement, Maria Lebed says, simplicity is the key for greater performance and greater results. Lebed also describes ways companies can look at how the business is organized and functioning in order to find what can be done better; optimizing current procedures. If you want to create a stronger bond with your clients and prospects, take a look at how you are delivering customer service right now. Three ways to do this include:
1. Make it convenient for customers to get customer service
– According to CEB Tower Group research: 84% of customers, when approaching customer service are focused on successful resolution of their problem.
2. Make sure customer service initiatives are consistent through all levels of the team
– Misalignment between different levels of the teams, leads to many lost opportunities.
3. Pay attention to the customers’ data you are gathering and how you are using it
– To create trust with customers, and inspire them to conduct business with your company, it is necessary to maintain the right balance between collecting customers’ personal information, and keeping their interactions with you simple and non-obtrusive

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