In-store Personalization: How to Maximize 5 Crucial Consumer Touch Points


Everyday it is becoming increasingly more critical for brands to meet consumer expectations, across multiple touch points, and serve their ever changing needs: preferences, and in-store behaviors. In this post Devika Girish talks about how personalization has evolved from a nice-to-have retail strategy, to a must-do mandate; that may be more effective at attracting customers than price-cutting. Consumers today, are actively seeking out brands that not only are authentic and act on their promises, but also offer genuine value adding services. According to a recent Adobe survey, 71% of consumers reported that they like receiving personalized offers, but 20% said these offers are not well done, and another 20% felt that today’s personalization strategies are becoming too intrusive. Girish goes on to list the most common consumer touch points (including physical and digital elements, as well as points involving both technology and people) to help get a better picture of personalization from an in-store perspective; her list includes:
1. Mobile Apps: Engage customers with interactive content: personalized product recommendations, and push notifications based on in-store location and behavior.
2. Sales Associates
3. In-Store Marketing: By having an in-store intelligence platform in place (beacons), retailers can turn rich customer data into actionable information; by identifying in-store patterns that can help promote sales
4. Customer Loyalty Program: Intertwine technological tools with engaging loyalty programs that meet the everyday needs/preferences of consumers.
5. Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Personalization based on information that retailers gather from various channels and in-store, such as: visit frequencies, dwell times, past purchases, and so on.

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