Local on Mobile is King

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Today’s brands are looking to execute innovative strategies to help improve the customer experience based on their heightened local intent on mobile devices

In this post Trevor Marshal talks about how billions of people are walking around with extremely powerful computers in their pockets or purses; then goes on to ask this question – what does this mean to marketers and brands? The increasing mobile consumer impacts every type of business, from Hotels to Retailers to Banks to Restaurants, and encompasses millions of pieces of data. Studies have shown that the overwhelming majority of mobile searches are driven by speed and convenience, and users rate information accuracy of higher importance on mobile than desktop. Marshal also writes how getting this basic information correct on a brand website is simply not good enough, given the complex ecosystem of hundreds of search engines, directories, mapping services, and apps that exists. There is no excuse for a brand to not have actionable, perfect location information on every channel; the statistics speak for themselves:
• >50% of searches are now mobile + >50% of mobile search is local
• >50% of consumers conducting a local search visited a store within 1 day; with a many making transactions within 1 hour
• ≈ 80% of local searches on mobile phones result in purchases, with over 70% of these purchases transacting in physical stores
• >50% of businesses have some type of error/omission/duplicate business data being captured by Internet search sites

The fact is top brands, are not getting the absolute basics right and it is costing them everyday.

Read the full article at linkedin.com.


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