Smartphone technology offers VIP hospitality experience

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Technology is providing tools for businesses in the hospitality industry to strategically communicate with smartphones and provide a platform to enable high touch customer service. Guests today not only want things just the way they envision them, but also expect to be known and served; they want to know where to go to avoid any lines/inconvenience. Julie May shows ways hotels, restaurants, museums, etc. can strategically place Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons to communicate with smartphones, to help enhance experience and send notifications or any information based on proximity/location. Furthermore, the experience can be fully personalized if guests choose to receive “push” notifications to their phones. Other technologies allow the company to create a mobile concierge, which will add many features such as:
• Transportation confidence: With BLE beacons, you just provide your preferences online and upon arrival at your destination terminal, your smartphone receives a message of the precise location of your rental car along with directions to get to it from your gate.
• Dining Experience: BLE hits a high point by offering you a spot on restaurants’ waiting lists before you even enter the restaurant, you can also order before arrival/request drink specials, or make note of food allergies.
• Travel tips: Push notifications can make recommendations for dining, the arts and activities, based on location and social profile

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