The Customer Experience in B2B…It’s Behind the Times

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Companies today are investing significant time, energy and money to ensure that consumers are not only satisfied, but that they are so pleased that they tell others about their experience. In this article Brian Storjny writes that in order to accomplish this, companies must utilize better online tools to allow customers to conduct searches, make transactions, track purchases and get support without picking up the phone. Storjny goes on to ask: if this is occurring in B2C markets, why is that same passion for automating the customer experience not happening in B2B? In most cases, you will find that B2B customers are still calling a rep, still using paper, and still calling customer service when problems arise. Strojny writes how B2B companies need to realize that the next generation of buyers do not want to talk on the phone. It’s no longer about great products; great digital experiences will determine your success or failure. Five ways to transform the B2B for your customers:
1. Personalize – Ensure that the website is built for each user
2. Easy Search – Intuitive search also recommending products
3. Easy Purchase – Quick order and ability to reorder ASAP
4. Communication – Order updates, new products & promotions
5. 24/7 Service – Live chat, FAQ, and the option for live voice if needed

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