Three key takeaways from our Customer Experience Excellence Trends Briefing: Digital Cream 2015

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In this post Christopher Ratcliff discusses why customer experience has been made a top priority for marketers over the last 12 months. Today’s customers are more tech-driven, and have higher expectations from brands. This trend has led to new roles and teams being developed entirely devoting efforts to the managing and optimizing of customer experience (CX). Ratcliff also points out how CX involves the entire-end-to-end journey of a customer’s interaction with a company: from when they first heard of the company, through to making first and repeat purchases. Three ways to make sure you are optimizing CX are: Net Promoter Score (NPS), Taking full ownership of your customer’s experiences, and delivering consistency across devices. Check out the rest of the article to see what else was discussed during the Digital Cream 2015 event.

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