Using Social Insights to Improve Customer Experience

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The more you know your customer, the better you can serve them.

Customers are using social channels in record numbers. In fact, customers initiate hundreds of millions of social conversations with brands each day. In this article Tristian Bishop discusses ways to utilize social channels to better understand consumers and more importantly serve them more efficiently. Customers today seek convenience; they want to feel welcomed and respected. As Bishop puts it, consumers want to connect with brands and employees: they do not appreciate waiting, being forced in a queue, re-authenticated at every corner, and sent into a labyrinthine of loops of endless decision trees. Consumers seek courteous, friendly and personalized service. He goes on to describe ways social media and social insights can help identify critical information, which will not only translate to an increase in sales, but also the best possible experience for your customers. Social insights can help create a single, authoritative view of the customer, and help companies to be even more effective in building customer relationships.

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